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Monday, March 19, 2018
About ENE's Municipal Services
At ENE Systems, Inc., we're focused on helping our customers meet the challenges of running today's complex building automation systems as efficiently and effectively as possible, while maintaining a keen eye out for opportunities to reduce operating and energy costs. Skyrocketing energy costs are presenting many challenges to building owners and ENE Systems, Inc. will help you meet those challenges head on.


  • ENE has a thorough understanding of the MSBA's comprehensive process that it uses to approve, fund and manage the construction of new schools in MA.
  • ENE understands the short and long term needs, goals, and concerns of school districts and their local communities regarding their schools.
  • ENE has proven value based solutions that can address all school facility needs and help to create a safe, sound and sustainable learning environment.
  • ENE’s value based solutions will lower energy consumption as well as reducing the manpower need to operate the schools.
  • The success of the MSBA school projects will provide the children of Massachusetts taxpayers with a cost effective, secure learning environment, and provide our students with the necessary skills to succeed in the 21 century.


We Specialize In
Energy Management Systems
Building Security Systems
Mechanical Service & Maintenance
Automation & Installation Services
Energy Advisor Services
Information Technology Services

These solutions typically include field instrumentation, control valves automated systems, and advanced software applications plus comprehensive implementation, training, and ongoing performance service.

Security Systems

  • Card Access & ID Badging
  • CCTV & IP Based Surveillance Systems
  • Integrated Data Storage
  • Alarm Intrusion Detection
  • Intercom & Emergency Call
  • Door Locking Device
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