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ENE Systems, Inc. is the largest independent HVAC Controls contractor in New England with offices in Canton, MA and Providence, RI. We help businesses in Eastern New England with their complex building automation and security systems to provide a comfortable safe environment while protecting assets and reducing energy costs.

It's what we do...and what we have done for over 30 years.

In Facilities Management, the bottom line is...the bottom line.  You are expected to provide the most safe and comfortable environment while holding down operating and energy expenses. It's not easy to do both, but it is easier with the right partner.  At ENE Systems, our team will tailor and maintain the right building automation, security and controls systems to fit your facility. We can address your specific needs, from individual components to complex, fully integrated building solutions.  From installation through renovation, ENE Systems focuses on efficiency, security and seamless customer service.  At ENE Systems, our customers and their peace of mind comes first...

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