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Every day, all day. Since 1987, ENE has provided innovative technology, and invested in Research and Development and Service Programs. Our Energy Advisors work with building owners to develop a comprehensive plan and lower costs by upgrading aging and inefficient equipment. Choosing the newest equipment that’s best for your building means improved return on your investment. And regardless of how new or old your current system may be, our Periodic Maintenance Program will help it perform at its peak efficiency.

Our ENE qualified energy consultants and engineers will analyze your energy bills, operational and maintenance procedures and practices, and recommend changes to yield long-term benefits for your organization. The improvements and projects we recommend will provide a solid financial payback with minimal impact to comfort or production. We offer a full range of energy services to our customers, such as: 

Consulting: ENE will schedule a no cost on-site consultation, then tailor our services to meet your needs and expectations. ENE ensures that you are an active participant in the process and are fully confident in what we are doing for you, why we're doing it and how your facility will benefit.

Performance Contracting: ENE Performance Contracting is designed to help those customers who have budget constraints and/or require guaranteed savings on their energy projects. Your ENE Team will map out and execute plans that reduce the operating and energy costs of your facility. We can also help you find financing for equipment purchases and projects. Many of our proposed upgrades are cost-neutral and have robust ROI within just a few years. 

Energy Programs: Our philosophy is simple -  to lower the operating and energy costs of your facility.  We guide our clients to make good financial decisions in regards to energy conservation by: analyzing their operational and energy costs, searching for the best ways to reduce costs, and extending the life of your facilities and equipment.

Services: ENE Energy Advisors can provide turnkey general contracting and project management for your energy projects. Our knowledgeable ENE Energy Advisors will both suggest and implement the best energy conservation measures or renewable energy measures for your facility. This means that you get to save a significant amount of money while greatly reducing your carbon footprint.

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